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Ductless Air Conditioning Services for the Greater Ontario, CA Area

There are plenty of situations in which traditional air conditioning units may not be practical or even possible to install. Fortunately, you have options other than space-consuming, ducted systems. Ductless air conditioners, or mini-split systems, hardly take up any room and are supremely energy efficient. Specialize Heating and Air is a Trane Comfort Specialist that carries and installs ductless AC systems.

Ductless Mini Split

Without the need for ductwork, the installation of a ductless system is usually done quickly. When you consider their versatility, it’s no wonder that ductless AC systems have become more popular in recent years. Since they’re so energy efficient, they’re more environmentally friendly when compared to traditional units.

Ductless AC Services in Montclair, Ontario, Riverside and San Bernardino

Homes come in many different styles, shapes and sizes, each with its own set of unique features and quirks. These variables, combined with the owner’s individual needs and preferences, can create circumstances that are unsuitable for traditional air conditioners. If you find yourself in such a spot, a ductless AC unit may be the right solution for you. And Specialize Heating and Air can help you select it.

Some of the most common applications of ductless units are found in home additions and conversions. Air conditioning systems are designed and built to cool the dimensions and characteristics specific to an individual home. Adding more stress to an existing system can compromise how well it works and make it grossly less efficient. That’s when a ductless AC system can benefit you.

If you have an unfinished basement that you would like to make better use of, a ductless air conditioning unit may be what you need. Sunrooms can be a perfect place to relax peacefully or entertain company, but they can also become unbearably hot during the summer months in Southern California. A ductless AC system will allow you to enjoy that sunroom all summer long without breaking a sweat.

How Does Ductless Air Conditioning Work?

Ductless systems include a condenser and an air handler that connect via a conduit line that contains the necessary wiring and tubing. The condenser is installed on the exterior of the house, while the air handler is located inside. Some models have up to four air handlers connected to the condenser unit.

The individual air handlers can be placed between multiple rooms or positioned in the same room to create different zones. By purchasing certain ductless units, you may be eligible for a federal tax credit as well as local utility incentives.

Specialize Heating and Air Can Help You Go Ductless

If you’re ready to go ductless, or if you have any questions regarding ductless air conditioning, call the experts at Specialize Heating and Air today. If you already own a ductless system and require a repair, rest assured we’re here to address your concerns and take care of your needs.

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