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Why call anyone else but the specialist

The daytime temperatures in Ontario, California, have been scorching. With highs in the upper 90s to lower 100s, homeowners are relying heavily on their air conditioners for not only comfort but also safety. With that added strain, breakdowns are imminent. Here are three signs it’s time to schedule an air conditioning repair:

Your Air Conditioner is Blowing Warm Air

Your air conditioner’s primary job is to blow cold air. The most noticeable sign that there’s a problem with your AC system is when it fails to perform that function. Before blaming your air conditioner, though, make sure your thermostat is set to “cool” and that the temperature setting is low enough to warrant cold air. If you place your hand underneath a supply vent and still feel warm air blowing, you might have a broken compressor or refrigerant leak.

Your Air Conditioner Has Moisture Around It

A leaking air conditioner is bound to produce trace amounts of moisture. But if you notice puddles around your AC system, you have a problem. The condensate drain line, which channels condensation away from the AC system, might be blocked. To prevent further damage stemming from excess moisture or microbial growth, unclog the drain.

In more dire circumstances, excess moisture can also indicate a refrigerant leak. This is a serious problem that requires immediate attention. Rather than risking injury by performing this air conditioning repair yourself, call a professional.

Your Air Conditioner is Making Strange Sounds

It’s common for an air conditioner to make sounds as it turns on and off. But if your AC system is making grinding, clanking or squealing sounds, turn it off and schedule an air conditioning repair. Continuing to operate the system will result in further damage that requires you to replace it entirely – a cost you can avoid by being proactive.

Have you noticed problems with your air conditioner this summer? Contact Specialize Heating and Air at (877) 839-6983 to schedule your air conditioning repair and restore your comfort as soon as possible. We’re here to help you survive the scorching summer in Southern California.

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