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Dust and pollen are among the most common pollutants found in the air in Montclair, California. They can worsen allergy and asthma symptoms, making you feel sick and miserable. Making sure these irritants and allergens don’t make their way into your home is crucial to ensure the healthiest indoor environment. Here are three proven strategies for putting technology to work to improve indoor air quality in your home:

Install an Air Purifier

Modern air purifiers help eliminate odors and particulates from your indoor air. In some cases, they use ultraviolet light to destroy bacteria and viruses before they can pose risks to your family. As a result, you won’t have to worry about pollutants inside your home making you sick ever again.

Upgrade Your Air Filter

Depending on the age and configuration of your HVAC system, you can improve indoor air quality by installing a high-end air filter. High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters remove as much as 99.97 percent of particulate matter before it reaches your living spaces. Therefore, they help you create a significantly healthier indoor environment that reduces the risk of allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Specialize Heating and Air can provide you with expert recommendations on the right filters for your needs.

Add a Ventilation System

Proper ventilation can ensure a steady supply of fresh and breathable air. As a result, it helps eliminate odors and prevents indoor air from becoming stale. A quality ventilation system will also help you save money on your energy costs throughout the year. Consider investing in a Energy Recovery Ventilator to benefit from a whole-home solution for fresh air ventilation.

As a result of investing in these three HVAC technologies, you can create the most cost-effective and practical solutions for improving your indoor air. Contact Specialize Heating and Air at (877) 839-6983 to learn more about how to improve your indoor air quality. We’re here to help you lead a healthier life inside your home.

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