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Whether you’re remodeling or building a new home, it’s important to carefully pick paint colors. Yes, you want your colors to complement your decor goals, but did you know paint color impacts cooling efficiency? As a resident of Corona, California, you undoubtedly know how hot it can get in the summer. This means your AC system needs all the help it can get to cool your home as efficiently as possible. By choosing the right interior and exterior paint colors, you can improve your home’s cooling efficiency. As a result, you’ll reduce wear and tear on the AC system.

How Do Paint Colors Impact Indoor Temperature?

If it’s hot and sunny outside and you dress to keep cool, you know to avoid wearing dark colors like black and navy blue. The same concept applies to your home. These colors absorb heat, making it harder for the AC system to keep your home cool. Lighter colors, on the other hand, reflect heat. With this in mind, if you’re stuck on a certain color, choose one of its lighter shades rather than a darker one.

What Exterior Paint Colors Promote Energy Efficiency?

White and beige are two great colors to use on the exterior of your home. If you don’t want to use them, at least pick from light-colored neutrals. Along with providing a universal appeal, which is great if you end up selling your home, light-colored neutrals reflect the sun’s rays.

The more you can reflect the sun’s rays, the easier it is to cool your home with optimal efficiency, which reduces your cooling expenses. Plus, greater cooling efficiency helps extend the life of the AC system.

What Interior Paint Colors Enhance Energy Efficiency?

As far as the inside of your home, you’ll want to use light-colored neutrals in rooms where there’s going to be lots of natural sunlight. This mainly applies to rooms where there are windows or skylights. By using light-colored neutrals, the walls will reflect the sun’s heat rather than absorbing it.

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