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The HVAC system in your San Bernardino, California, home is one of your most valuable components. It works hard to deliver heated and cooled air throughout the changing seasons. Protect your investment by following these helpful tips to extend the lifespan of your unit:

Change the Air Filter

Just about every HVAC system contains an air filter that restricts particles from entering into and settling in the ducts. When the filter becomes clogged with dirt, dust, pollen, pet hair, dander and other debris, it can no longer do its job. As a result, it decreases efficiency and puts more pressure on certain components, like the compressor and heat exchanger.

Change your filter every 30 to 90 days. As a result, you’ll not only avoid high energy bills but also expensive breakdowns.

Keep Up With Maintenance

Much like your vehicle requires regular oil changes, an HVAC system requires regular maintenance. Keeping up with this maintenance is also an easy way to extend the lifespan of your equipment. Most manufacturers recommend scheduling a heating tune-up during the fall and an air conditioning tune-up during the spring. During this maintenance service, your HVAC technician will:

  • Test the airflow and operation of the system
  • Examine the components
  • Make sure there’s plenty of fuel or refrigerant

The HVAC technician will also repair any minor issues before they get the chance to develop into major problems.

Program the Thermostat

Making manual adjustments to the indoor temperature can put extra wear and tear on your HVAC system. That’s because it causes the unit to cycle on and off more frequently. Another problem this can cause is the consumption of more energy, which will cost you more in monthly bills.

You can break this habit by programming your thermostat based on your typical schedule. If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, consider making this cost-effective upgrade. A programmable thermostat makes it easy to automate your indoor temperature to maintain a comfortable environment while allowing for more efficient operation.

At Specialize Heating and Air, we offer a variety of heating and cooling solutions designed to extend your HVAC equipment’s lifespan. Contact us for more information by calling (877) 839-6983.

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