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Trying to beat the heat in Riverside, California, can oftentimes seem like an impossible task. For many homeowners, adjusting the window air conditioner unit to a lower temperature seems like the only way to stay comfortable. When doing this, though, you’ll likely notice a significant increase in cooling expenses. One alternative to constantly adjusting the window unit to beat the heat is to install a ductless cooling system. Ductless cooling provides a range of benefits, including easy installation, more flexibility and better indoor air quality.

Easy Installation

One of the biggest advantages of ductless cooling is its simple installation process. All a contractor has to do is install the indoor unit on the wall or suspend it from the ceiling and drill a tiny hole. This way, the conduit can pass from the interior to the exterior unit. There’s no need to add any ductwork, which is of benefit to both older and new construction homes. Additionally, ductless units have more aesthetic appeal than window units.


Ductless systems add a lot of flexibility in that you can position the indoor unit exactly where you want it. Some homeowners even place the unit on the floor instead of on the wall or ceiling. Having this type of flexibility is of particular advantage in homes that are limited on windows for window air units. It’s also of advantage for homeowners who want to achieve zoned cooling.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Window units are ideally installed with a seal around the unit to keep outdoor air and allergens from seeping inside. But any crack or break in this seal means those allergens are coming into your home. A ductless system has far fewer points where outdoor air and pollutants could accidentally come in and compromise your home’s indoor air quality.

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