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Most traditional heating and air conditioning systems can only run at one speed. But a variable-speed system has several settings to meet your needs precisely. It can raise the value of your home in Moreno Valley, California, and lower your utility bills. A variable-speed HVAC system can make you more comfortable, help you conserve energy and provide better indoor air quality.

Enhanced Comfort

Variable-speed HVAC systems can adjust their speeds automatically, keeping your house’s humidity and temperature almost constant. Many systems can respond to changes in outdoor conditions as well. Since the air circulates more slowly, a variable-speed fan can help you reduce eye irritation, uncomfortable breezes and temperature fluctuations. It’s quieter than a conventional system, and it can even improve your sleep.

Increased Energy Savings

With a variable-speed system, your fan doesn’t have to run at full speed. Instead, it stays on longer at a lower setting. When needed, it can increase its speed. This reduces wear and tear and extends your HVAC system’s life. Variable-speed systems are usually more expensive than standard heaters and air conditioners. But you can get your investment back over time through lower power and maintenance costs.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Since variable-speed HVAC systems stay on most of the time, they can control your home’s humidity more effectively. They can also help you get rid of contaminants such as pollen, pet dander, dust or dirt by circulating more air through your air filter over time. That way, you can keep dust from accumulating on your floors and furniture over time. You can also prevent health problems caused by low indoor air quality.

Specialize Heating and Air has decades of heating and air conditioning experience. We’re a Trane Comfort Specialist, and we can help you choose the best variable-speed HVAC system for your home. For outstanding service from our knowledgeable professionals, call us at (877) 839-6983. We guarantee 100% satisfaction for every customer.

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