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Why call anyone else but the specialist

Does your home in Yorba Linda, California, have an outdated HVAC system? If so, consider replacing it to increase efficiency and overall performance. But do you know the signs of an outdated system so you can replace it before it completely gives out? Keep reading to learn three signs that you need to replace your old and outdated HVAC system.

Varying Temperatures

Is that upstairs bedroom always warmer than the rest of the house even though the air conditioning is on? This temperature variance could mean that your system has an imbalance in airflow or that your system needs updating to improve its performance. Get an HVAC system diagnostic by one of our professionals to determine the source of the temperature variance issue and if you need to update your system.

Unusual Sounds

While you can often hear the HVAC system turn on or off as it cools down or heats up your home, you should know which sounds signal that your system is having issues. Rattling, popping and squealing noises are unusual for your HVAC unit. You should get them inspected right away. As a result, you could prevent the need for a minor repair from developing into a major replacement.

Home Add-Ons

If you’ve added on to your home, you’ll probably need a new load calculation to determine the required energy to effectively heat and cool it. A member of our HVAC team can perform a load calculation on your home. If necessary, we can help you choose the right-sized HVAC system for your home. A system that’s too small will work too hard and less effectively. Therefore, a larger system may be the right choice for you.

Call Specialize Heating and Air today at (877) 839-6983 to schedule a diagnostic visit for your HVAC system. We’ll give you suggestions for repairs or a new system that’ll keep your home comfortable year-round.

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